How To Reset The iCloud Sync

How To Reset The iCloud Sync

If you are using iCloud to sync your MoneyCoach data across multiple devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac and it is not working properly as it should, it may be best to reset the sync. Here's how you do that:

  • Deactivate "Use iCloud" switch in MoneyCoach's Settings on all your devices
  • Make a manual backup of your data from your main device. Make sure the file is generated and is stored somewhere safe locally in your phone, iPad, Mac or somewhere in the iCloud Drive.
  • Delete MoneyCoach iCloud data in your device's Settings / Apple ID / iCloud / Manage Storage / MoneyCoach - Delete data
  • Open MoneyCoach, go to Settings / Data / Reset all data / Reset all data
  • Repeat this on all your devices
  • Open MoneyCoach on your main device
  • Restore the backup you did in the second step. Make sure your data is there!
  • Go to Settings / Data and turn on "Use iCloud" switch
  • Now you are prompted to make a second manual backup, save it somewhere safe.
  • Wait for the indicator to stop spinning in the status bar of the iPhone. Once it ends, it means that the sync has completed.
  • Open the app on the secondary devices and turn "Use iCloud", make a manual backup even if it's completely empty. Do them one by one.
  • Now your devices should be in sync
  • Enjoy!

MoneyCoach is all about choice and unlike other apps, we do not force you into having the same options across your devices. All your data like accounts, transactions, goals, budgets ect. will be synced across your iPhone, iPad and Mac, but you can have each one of those apps display different periods and accounts in the Overview cards. For example, the iPhone app can show you your Personal Accounts with a monthly period, the iPad can show you your Savings Accounts with a weekly period while the Mac can show you your Business Accounts with another period.

If you want all your devices to have the same data displayed in the Overview cards, take a look here and here.

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