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Welcome to the future of data management. Decky Dashboard seamlessly blends precision with innovation, allowing you to craft personalized dashboards in the realm of spatial computing.

Available for visionOS & macOS.

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What's Decky Dashboard?

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional dashboards. With Decky, scale your windows, arrange them intuitively, and immerse yourself in a data experience like never before. Your workspace, your rules.

Decky Dashboard transforms your environment into a canvas of insights. Pin sales charts, website analytics, and key data points strategically. This isn't just about information; it's about creating a visual masterpiece in your workspace.

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Private and Secure
Your data stays on your device. No tracking, no account creation. No login. It works with your Apple ID.
Tailored for Professionals
Crafted for those who demand precision and efficiency in data management, analysts, business enthusiasts, and more.
Seamless Integration
Built from the ground up for visionOS, Decky uses the latest technologies to provide a magical experience.

Decky Benefits

What's cool about Decky?

Decky Dashboard isn't just a tool; it's a strategic partner in optimizing your data-driven journey. With autorefresh, custom layouts, and multiple dashboard groups, you're in control of a sophisticated data ecosystem.

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Autorefresh Magic
Decky Dashboard takes the manual labor out of data updates. Set autorefresh intervals effortlessly, ensuring your data is always up-to-date. Focus on making decisions, not on refreshing dashboards.

Your time is valuable – with Decky, you can set intervals ranging from every 5 minutes to once a day, giving you control over the frequency that suits your dynamic data needs.
Custom Layout Configuration
Tailor your workspace to match your workflow with Decky's custom layout configuration. Arrange and scale windows according to your preferences.

Not just drag and drop – with Decky, you can fine-tune the size, position, and arrangement of each window, ensuring your workspace is truly tailored to your workflow. Efficiency meets personalization.
Multiple Dashboard Groups
Organize your virtual space seamlessly with multiple dashboard groups. Categorize and surround yourself with specific insights – sales, project management, or any other data domain crucial to your role.

Create and switch between multiple dashboard groups effortlessly.

Decky Dashboard Use Cases

Who Is It For?

Social Media Managers

Juggling multiple social media accounts and platforms can be overwhelming. Decky Dashboard simplifies the chaos. Social media managers can create dashboards for each platform, monitor engagement, track trends, and seamlessly switch between accounts – all in one spatially organized workspace.

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Who Is It For?

Business Owners

Business decisions require real-time insights, but navigating through complex data can be time-consuming. Decky Dashboard empowers business owners to craft dashboards tailored to their business metrics. From sales figures to project management, Decky provides a visual representation of crucial data, facilitating informed decision-making.

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Who Is It For?

Stock Trader/Portfolio Manager

Tracking stocks and managing portfolios involves constant data monitoring. Decky Dashboard becomes the virtual cockpit for stock traders. Create dashboards to monitor stock performance, financial news, and portfolio metrics. With autorefresh and customizable layouts, staying on top of market trends has never been more intuitive.

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Enterprise Solutions

Optimize Your Command Centers

Decky Dashboard adapts to the unique demands of your industry. Elevate control centers, enhance decision-making, and optimize critical operations with the power of spatial computing.

Police Command Room

Decky Dashboard transforms the police command room into a digital hub.

Managing real-time data during critical operations is paramount.
How Decky Helps
Create dashboards for live updates, surveillance feeds, and incident analytics. The spatial layout enhances situational awareness, ensuring rapid and informed decision-making.
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Airline Control Center

Decky Dashboard becomes the central hub for airline control centers.

Coordinating flights, monitoring airspace, and ensuring passenger safety require constant vigilance.
How Decky Helps
Craft dashboards for flight schedules, weather conditions, and aircraft statuses. The spatial organization allows for a comprehensive view, optimizing coordination and response times.
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Manufacturing Operations Control

Decky Dashboard revolutionizes manufacturing control centers.

Efficiently managing and optimizing manufacturing operations is complex.
How Decky Helps
Create dashboards for production metrics, machine statuses, and supply chain analytics. The spatial layout provides a holistic view, enhancing control and streamlining decision-making for operational excellence.
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Available on Apple Vision Pro and Mac.