How To Buy A PS5 Using Budgets & Smart Goals

How To Buy A PS5 Using Budgets & Smart Goals

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how we can use and leverage some of MoneyCoach's features to help us save money so that we can afford to buy a PS5. 

To do this we will first create a new SMART Goal for the PS5 with the right amount, name, picture and a goal date and let’s save it. MoneyCoach will now display the amount we need to save daily to reach the goal in the supposed timeframe.

We can do it that way or we can leverage the power of Budgets to help us save enough money to afford a PS5.

Let’s say that we spend 500€ on average every month on Food. So if we limit ourselves to just 400€/month for Food, we will basically save 100€ every month, money that we can put towards buying a PS5. In 5 months we would have enough money to afford and buy a PS5 if you can find one that is.

This is how you can leverage the power of Budgets and Smart Goals to save money and achieve your goals and dreams.

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