Apps by MoneyCoach

These are all the apps that we have designed, developed and released on the App Store.

Money Manager MoneyCoach

Track all your cash spending, manage your credit cards, personal budgets, financial goals and reduce your financial stress. That's what MoneyCoach is all about.

Screen Time Realtime Control

Screen Time Realtime Control is an app for users who want to take control of their app usage and develop healthier digital habits.

MoneySpaces - Budget For Couples

MoneySpaces is a modern financial collaboration app for families, friends, roommates & team members.

Decky Web Dashboard

All your data, charts, websites in one dashboard, refreshed automatically.

IBAN Calculator

Calculate quick and easy the correct IBAN for any bank account within the EU.

Bitcoin Crypto Ticker - BTC

A minimalistic crypto ticker that allows you to track in real time the price in multiple currencies.