What is the Best Alternative to Buddy?

Buddy helps you set up budgets and keep track of your expenses. While Buddy allows you to connect your bank accounts directly, it does not support CSV Import, Siri Shortcuts, Live Activities and the reports are not that expansive. It is also not available on Mac.

MoneyCoach is designed to not only allow users to set up budgets and track their finances, but it also supports CSV Imports, Siri Shortcuts, Live Activities and features a ton of helpful reports. It is also available on Mac.

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Features Comparison

Buddy vs. MoneyCoach


    • Manual Entry
    • Online Banking
    • Shared Budgets


    • Manual Entry
    • Quick Entry
    • Siri Shortcuts
    • Live Activities
    • CSV Import
    • Multi-Currency Support
    • Desktop-class iPad App
    • Native Mac App

Powerful Cash Tracking

Besides allowing you to connect to your bank accounts directly, Buddy also features manual entry. However, with MoneyCoach we have taken manual tracking to the next level.

You can enter a transaction in less than 2 seconds. It supports Shortcuts; you can import any bank statements via CSV, and the app will automatically categorize your expenses. Or you can use Siri to do all of the heavy liftings.

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Native Apple Product Feel

Buddy looks cool and is available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, but it’s not on Mac.MoneyCoach is built to look and feel like an Apple product with deep iOS and Mac integration.

You can use it on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch and everything is synced seamlessly across your devices via iCloud. All without the need to register or log in.

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Powerful Suite of Reports

While Buddy has some cool Budget insights, that’s about it. MoneyCoach currently includes over 11 powerful intuitive reports, with more coming in the future, that will help you understand where your money goes and where you can save more.

You can deep dive and see what category you are spending the most, understand the real cost of your subscriptions, see a future projection of your finances based on your spending habits and so much more.

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Multi-Currency Net Worth

One amazing feature that MoneyCoach offers, that is missing completely in Buddy, is that you can manually add your accounts and choose a different currency for each one independent of what your main currency throughout the app is.

So if you have the app in EUR and most of the accounts are in EUR, but you also want to add an account in USD, for example, you can just do that. MoneyCoach will convert that USD amount to EUR using the latest exchange rates. This way you will see your Net Worth in one unified currency.

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We Make Finances Accessible

Managing finances is a difficult task for most people. MoneyCoach was designed to tackle that problem, to make managing your financial life as accessible and fun as it can be.

Everything you see in the app has been meticulously designed in a way that makes sense so you always know how your financial situation is. But if you still have trouble understanding, our extensive tutorials will clear up any confusion just like that.

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