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Find all the new features, improvements and bug fixes here.

MoneyCoach 9.6

May 30, 2024
  • Demo Mode
    We've added a new Demo mode that can be accessed during the onboarding process, allowing you to check out the full MoneyCoach experience. This special mode lets you test the app without creating an account, making it useful if you want to see how the app works before committing.

  • Improved Onboarding Experience
    Now you can set up all your accounts from the beginning, enhancing your initial experience with the app.

  • Smaller Improvements
    We've made numerous smaller improvements to create a better and more stable experience.

  • PDF Export Fix
    Fixed an issue where you couldn't export data as a PDF in the Income vs. Expense report.

  • Minor Bug Fixes
    Various other minor bug fixes to improve overall performance.

MoneyCoach 9.5.17

May 5, 2024
  • Fixes some crashes when adding a Payee, Tag or Description to a transaction. If the crash still happens, please contact our support team.
  • Fixed an issue with the plus button in the Goals list
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

MoneyCoach 9.5.16

May 1, 2024
  • Minor bug fixes and other improvements

MoneyCoach 9.5.15

Apr 27, 2024
  • Fixed a crash caused by Payday settings
  • Fixed a crash with the Upcoming Bills widget
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

MoneyCoach 9.5.14

Apr 25, 2024
  • Fixed a rare crash on app launch

MoneyCoach 9.5.13

Apr 23, 2024
  • Fixed an issue with the Daily Limit
  • Fixed an issue when selecting a repeating period when creating new transactions
  • Fixed an issue with Dynamic Shortcuts

MoneyCoach 9.5.12

Apr 18, 2024
  • Added a plus button in the Goals list
  • Fixed a bug when exporting as a PDF
  • Fixed a bug with category icons when importing a CSV File

MoneyCoach 9.5.11

Apr 16, 2024
  • Fixed an issue where the support modal wouldn't dismiss after sending a support email

MoneyCoach 9.5.10

Apr 13, 2024
  • Added a little more space between the keyboard keys and the buttons above to avoid unintentional tapping
  • Improved the New Transaction/Transfer modals where now when you open them, you can enter the amount directly

MoneyCoach 9.5.9

Apr 9, 2024
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't dismiss the Transaction Details modal when accessing it via the context menus

MoneyCoach 9.5.8

Apr 5, 2024
  • Added the ability to bulk edit transactions location
  • Fixes an UI bug where a top bar was transparent

MoneyCoach 9.5.7

Apr 4, 2024
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the correct account balance for multi-currency accouunts
  • Fixes a problem with text clipping on Overview Cards

MoneyCoach 9.5.6

Apr 3, 2024
  • Fixed a rare crash when adding a description to transactions
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

MoneyCoach 9.5.5

Mar 29, 2024
  • Improves Apple Wallet / Pay integration
  • Improves colors for Credit Card accounts
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

MoneyCoach 9.5.4

Mar 26, 2024
  • Fixed a bug that prevvented you to enter a negative amount when creating a new transaction
  • Fixed a bug where if you left the app while creating a new transaction, your input would be overwritten if you use the "Show new transaction when app opens" option
  • Fixed an issue with account icon colors
  • Fixed a rare crash when previewing a transaction

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