What is a Space?

What is a Space?

Imagine a Space being like a virtual "money box". A space can be whatever you want. For example, it can be your "Bank Account" or your "Wallet", where you can add your income and keep track of your expenses. Another space can be your "Credit Card", where the income you add works as the limit for the card.

But the beauty of MoneySpaces is that you can share these spaces with your friends and family, which opens up limitless possibilities. For example, you can create a space called "Roomies", share the space with your roommates and start tracking your shared expenses. See who paid the bills this month, who paid for food yesterday, who paid for the Apple TV+ last month, and so on.

Couples can create and share spaces with each other and keep track of the monthly budget. They can create a space called "Euro Trip 2022" and plan this upcoming trip adding from the ticket price and hotel accommodations costs to any possible fun-related spending.

Parents can create a space called "Allowance" and share it with their kids. Since MoneySpaces offers the ability to comment and have conversations based on the spending added, parents can use it to teach their kids how to spend their money.

But don't think of Spaces just like accounts. Spaces can also be used as categories and also as budgets. For example, create a new space called "Food" (or "Drink", "Gaming" etc.) and you can use this "Food" space to track and budget all the money you spend on food during the month.

Spaces are extremely flexible and they can be whatever you want them to be!