Introducing MoneyCoach ME Program

• written by Perjan Duro
Introducing MoneyCoach ME Program

Today we are excited to introduce MoneyCoach ME, a program we developed that is based on behavioural psychology and personal finance literature.

What Is MoneyCoach ME?

The program includes 4 weeks of practical and actionable tips on finances, mindset, behaviour change plus daily challenges and so much more. You, along with 4 other people and the Coach will become part of a group chat on WhatsApp. Every morning and evening the Coach will chat with you, motivate you, give you tips & challenges, and keep you accountable for your spending habits.

What Will You Achieve?

  • Save up to 2.400$/year
  • The goal you will set at the start of this program
  • Use MoneyCoach like a pro
  • Improve your financial wellness

For more information, please visit the MoneyCoach ME page.

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