How SEO Tips Can Save You Loads of Money

• written by Perjan Duro
How SEO Tips Can Save You Loads of Money

Depending on who you talk to, SEO is either a great waste of money or the most-cost effective tactic to boost your revenue. The truth is that it can be both and everything in between. However, when done right, it allows you to make a real difference online without blowing the budget. Others have been there and done that.

One thing to note is that conserving resources can be a slippery slope: there are certain things you shouldn’t skimp on and others that are not as budget-demanding. In general, it pays off not to spend considerably less, but to invest much smarter. So, here are some tried and tested tips you can implement for SEO success in 2018 and beyond.

Make the most of Google Analytics

If you look for one ultimate tool to elevate your SEO efforts, you would look for Google Analytics. It is a free instrument you can put to good use right away. Moreover, it empowers you to be more efficient in the strategic planning phase when you have to decide which demographics to target.

Therefore, get to know your target audience and keep your fingers on the pulse of people’s wants and needs. Use the gathered facts and figures to tailor personalized content and delight your visitors. In case you lack the expertise to handle these tasks yourself, you can outsource instead of hiring someone full-time.

Adapt to the mobile-first world

Mobile traffic has dethroned desktop and continues to grow beyond imagination. Not surprisingly, important algorithm changes reflect these patterns. Google has announced the "Speed Update", which will emphasize the performance side of mobile pages. It will cement the tendencies that have been driving mobile SEO in recent years.

Namely, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project has already made it clear in which direction algorithm changes are heading: towards mobile-friendliness and satisfying the user’s need for speed. All sluggish websites will be penalized and fast ones rewarded with better ranking.

An irreplaceable pro touch

The world of SEO is not the most welcoming: overcoming the learning curve is hard and hiring professionals is expensive. Many agencies charge thousands of dollars for one month of their services. But, there are many experts out there who can add real value to your business and make every dollar count.

For instance, renowned New York SEO services boast tactics that are rooted in best practices and technical setup requirements. They prove that the great benefits of good SEO (which are hard to come by without an agency) easily outweigh the costs of investing in it. Of course, this is not to say you should spend money like there is no tomorrow.

Nail keyword research

Regardless of your market, researching is the key to optimal resource allocation and ultimately, your success. Nowadays, it revolves around figuring out the competitive keywords you can rank for. So, make sure to do your homework and uncover popularity trends.

Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for this purpose, so utilize it to discover what keywords can direct people to your website. Every dollar invested in this stage will pay dividends down the road as you boost your visibility and improve the bottom line. Just make sure to build quality content around your keywords and don’t overstuff them.

Content marketing

This brings us to the point that content is the king of the SEO realm. No other asset holds such power of building meaningful relationships with the audience and growing engagement. It is crucial to realize that cutting corners here is not advisable. Take your time developing a content strategy and calendar.

Prioritize quality, but try to update and post on a regular basis. To trim your expenses, start producing relevant articles and use public domain images to increase their appeal and popularity. Pick topics and content types that resonate with your niche audience. Align your content marketing strategy with your overall SEO game plan.

Smart image optimization

Visual content is constantly gaining traction and attracting ever-increasing numbers of social signals, clicks, and interactions. Video production may be expensive, but remember that hubs like Google Images host a myriad of users who seek eye-candies than match their intent.

To drive some of these people your way, you can optimize your image alt tags and descriptions. Renaming the image before uploading it helps as well. With these simple and inexpensive tweaks, you have a chance to boost organic traffic and enhance your digital presence. An image is worth a thousand words and it can be worth much more in dollar signs.

Attaining online greatness

SEO is the name of the game for all those who seek to build online authority, trust, and a steady revenue base. You have the opportunity to both keep spending in check and outrank your competition with a superior strategy and execution. Have the right tools at hand and use them to their maximum potential.

Bear in mind that the effects usually don’t kick in right away, as you have to wait at least several months to witness them. That being said, value rises sharply with quality. Make certain to follow time- and cost-cutting tips, stay flexible, and on course to your goals.

Finally, keep an eye on the algorithm changes that are emerging on the digital horizon and anticipate how they will impact your SEO strategies in the future.

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