7 Ways to Monetize Your Digital Skills

• written by Perjan Duro
7 Ways to Monetize Your Digital Skills

The Internet has become almost like a second skin to us, and as an integral part of our everyday reality, it was only a matter of time when the traditional notion of work would become superfluous to an extent. Now, the world wide web is at your fingertips, and with the right skills and knowledge, you are most likely a few clicks away from earning more thanks to your digital know-how.

Since we spend so much of our time on social networks, most of our communication has moved online, we have picked up and perfected many handy "tricks of the trade" that are becoming an even greater focus for the digital industry. Here are a few ways you can turn those abilities into a lucrative side-gig, or even a permanent one for the most dedicated among you.

Spread the knowledge

Have you heard that there are many world-class universities (yes, Cambridge and Harvard included!) who offer many of their diverse courses free of charge online for anyone who’d like to get better acquainted with a certain topic. While you may not be a university professor, you certainly hold skills that are of value to many people out there.

How about creating a website or a YouTube channel with your own cooking, or mechanics class? Or you can simply apply for a teaching position in many online institutions and teach English as well as other languages to kids all over the globe.

Put your writing to the test

Not all of us have a knack for storytelling, but if you do, content has become one of the most profitable online games you can join with no previous experience. Whether you’d like to start your own blog, join a group, write for a single company, or just guest post, it’s entirely up to you, because the world is open to all of these, and many other ideas.

Don’t forget, you can always write an e-book, too, and sell it on your own website, or offer it to others for a commission, in case it’s a hot topic right now.

Let your money do the work

A gig that is not for the faint of heart, trading has become one of the best ways to increase your earnings, but only if you have a keen eye for the movements of a particular market. Invest in the right foreign currency, for example, and you could be swimming in gold in the foreseeable future.

However, before you venture into online trading, it’s always advisable to learn as much as possible about the nature of the business, so that you can make the wisest choices from day one.

Become an affiliate marketer

Simply put, if you believe in a brand, or a product, and you would recommend it to others, the online world has become very appreciative of such efforts to spread the word of excellence. That means that writing blogs, sharing video reviews, or images on Instagram, supporting a particular brand, you can partner up with companies to get a commission every time they make a sale using your link.

It takes time to reach the right audience, and of course, to build a reputation, but nowadays, the words of us mere mortals are valued much more than paid advertisements. You might end up becoming a valuable influencer, which is another marketing trend on the rise.

Give freelancing a shot

For some, it may start as a side-job to earn some pocket money, but for others, freelancing is a career as much as your typical nine-to-five desk job. Whatever you are educated to do or already have experience doing, whether it’s translation, writing, teaching, graphic design, web programing, you name it, you can use it to bid for projects and earn more.

You’ll always have the ability to choose your clients, although at first, you’ll need as many good recommendations as possible to keep those numbers rising, so being picky at the beginning is not a good idea.

Work as a virtual assistant

Just like you’d be an assistant in an office, working as a virtual assistant includes all the key aspects of a business’s administration, scheduling, red tape, doing research, managing correspondence and communication, as well as other responsibilities.

However, make sure you understand your duties beforehand, because the job description may vary from one company to another, and your skillset may be best suited for a particular branch, such as law, medicine, or education.

Sell your own handmade goods

The fact that the world has become a very digital-oriented place does not mean that there is a lesser need for actual, physical goods. Ever since the e-commerce business kicked in, it has, in fact, only grown to enable everyone to sell and resell their products and services all over the globe.

Whether you want to work only inside your own community by selling baked treats, or handmade scarves, or you wish to move your efforts internationally, the world’s your oyster!

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