7 Tips for Your Next Advertising Campaign

• written by Perjan Duro
7 Tips for Your Next Advertising Campaign

Advertising is no easy feat nowadays. With people grown accustomed to everyone trying to sell them something, it’s become more and more difficult to find sure-fire ways to stand out in the crowd. Simply by taking a walk outside your home, you’ll be able to find a few billboard ads, posters on buses, signs pointing to restaurants, and much more.

Advertising needs a much more subtle, sincere approach, as with the rise of commercials there came a desire for advertisers to be honest, and truly believe in their brand. So, in a world like this, what exactly can you do? We’ve compiled a list of seven tips that could help you.

Take Full Advantage of Social Media

Don’t be afraid to utilise every social media platform. So long as you ensure that your profile on each platform offers unique content, and knowledgeable people are handling the user communication, you will see great results with little to no financial investment.

Promotional offers, events, raffles, and direct user interactions are a great catalyst for exposure. As an addendum, try not to post too self-indulgently about your company – include your customers, or fans. Feature them in guest posts, retweet their reviews or comments, build up a relationship with them. In the end, you’re there for them, not the other way around.

Write an Article for an Industry Magazine/Blog

Many industry magazines and online blogs offer free guest posting, or article publishing. It is, perhaps, the easiest way to not only promote your business, but also garner interest among the industry professionals. You should write about relevant topics, something that is closely related to your most recent strategies, achievements, or company successes.

A well-informed article in a popular publication is a sure-fire way to boost your credibility.

Go Live

Social media is flooded with live broadcasts from all over the world, and on various topics. Celebrities live-stream their routines, do Q&As with fans, while regular people stream about their day-to-day life and events. That stems from this strange human fascination with "behind the scenes" footage, when we get to see what goes on beyond the facade.

And it’s there where users connect the most with the people they follow. They feel best knowing companies are actually populated with ordinary, flawed people who are just like them. Streaming antics from the office or as you prepare for a big event is bound to bring you closer to your customers than any ad.

Cross-Promotional Partnerships

Networking is perhaps the healthiest thing for your business. Nurturing good, strong relationships with other companies will do you good in the long run. One of those good aspects is the ability to do cross-promotions. It comes in the form of participating in monthly product bundles, for example, offering discounts for your partner’s customers, advertising on each other’s websites, and so on.

Engage with the Audience

Another fairly inexpensive way to promote your brand, campaign, or company novelty is to invite user participation. Again, of course, through social media. Organise raffles in exchange for linking back and spreading the webpage, or hold a contest for the most creative selfie with your product, slogan, or anecdote.

It’s quick and influential marketing, where you reward people for participation. Create a bond with them, and make yourself approachable. That way, the customers don’t feel disconnected from your brand.

Branded Merch

People absolutely love free stuff – just think of trade fairs. Booklets, pens, notepads, fans, and lanyards are just some of the numerous promotional materials everyone scampers to get from the booths. It’s no different outside trade fairs. Branded merch is simple, practical, and something that people can carry around with them – like a T-shirt, or an umbrella. You can offer promotional merchandise during certain events or company parties offline.

You can also host online giveaways, and hand out merch for every milestone visitor to your social media page. The options are endless. You should also make it a point to invest in banners you can use at different events and allow people to see you more easily, at meetups trade shows, etc.

Work with influencers

Going back to social media, influencers today are the most trusted word-of-mouth marketing. They’re the go-to people for anyone who’s uncertain of a specific brand or service. If you have a new product, or an event in the works, reaching out to influencers from your particular niche will help you gain traction, and strengthen the legitimacy of your brand.

It’s also important to emphasise that the influencer really needs to believe in what you do, or else the promotion seems false and staged.


Do your best to research your audience. No matter how great you think your ideas are, they may actually be the complete opposite from what they want. Find out how they perceive your brand, your company, what they’ve grown accustomed to seeing from you.

Knowing is half the battle, and the information you gather will help you decide on whether you need to include influencers, or stream office shenanigans, or include branded merchandise.

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