A Clarification About Premium Features

• written by Perjan Duro
A Clarification About Premium Features

Hello, Krist here with a clarification regarding the premium features.

Some of the old premium users are confused about what is happening in the app and about the new/upcoming premium features of the app. I explained it before in the numerous articles and release notes, but here I go again, hopefully for the last time.

Old Premium Users

You bought and unlocked the old premium features a month, a year or two years ago, it doesn't matter when you did, you still got to keep and use what you bought. The old set of premium features included:

  • Data Sync
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Budgets
  • Receipt Photos
  • Multi-Currency
  • Advanced Export

This was the list of the unlock everything one-time payment in-app purchase. If you bought this, you will get to keep and use these features in MoneyCoach. However, if you bought just one of these features, as we offered them as separate in-app purchases, you will not keep and use that feature.

That's it, you paid once and you get to keep those features. However, you will not get access to the new premium features that will be coming to the app if you do not subscribe.

New Premium Subscribers

We switched our premium model to a subscription-based model a few updates ago. If you subscribe to MoneyCoach Premium now, you will get to unlock and use the above-mentioned premium features until the moment you are subscribed. Once the subscription ends and you don't renew or cancel it, these features will become locked and will stay locked until you resubscribe.

MoneyCoach 4.0 marks a new season for the app and as such, it comes with new and exciting premium features. Exciting features like:

  • Incognito Mode *
  • Savings Accounts
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Advanced Reports
  • Priority Support
  • And so much more coming soon...

That's it. To use the existing premium features and the upcoming ones, you have to be subscribed to MoneyCoach Premium which is offered either in a monthly or a yearly subscription.

When you go to the MoneyCoach Premium screen inside the app, you will see all of the premium features you will unlock and use when you are subscribed to the full MoneyCoach experience.

Hope this clears any confusion about what features you can use and cannot. If you are already a premium subscriber, thank you for your awesome support and if you are thinking about unlocking the full MoneyCoach experience, now’s the best time to jump in! 

*Incognito Mode was released before the switch as a free trial period for the feature

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