5 Proven Video Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Traffic

• written by Perjan Duro
5 Proven Video Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Traffic

Boosting your traffic may seem like a vanity metric, yet, without a sufficient total number of visitors on your site, a high conversion rate won’t mean much. With this in mind, using video marketing is by far one of the most effective ways to boost your traffic in an organic and subtle way, while keeping your audience focused on the brand message that you’re trying to send. Here are five proven video marketing tips to help you out with this task.

Facebook and YouTube are your primary objectives

When it comes to video marketing, you need to understand that, while integrating videos into your blog content, displaying them on your website and adding them to an email may be efficient, Facebook and YouTube are your two primary objectives. First of all, YouTube is currently considered to be the world’s second largest search engine, while Facebook users watch about 100 million hours of video content every day (for YouTube, this number exceeds 500 million). In other words, regardless of what your niche is, there’s more than enough audience out there for you to reach. However, you need to focus your efforts on the most adequate platforms.

Videos are superior to textual content

In a world where 8 out of 10 people never read past the headline, it’s important to find a format that really helps you engage your audience. Sure, we’re currently discussing traffic, but those 8 out of 10 don’t really contribute to your traffic ratio as much as they hurt your average visit duration. Videos, on the other hand, are much more efficient. First of all, there’s a study claiming that information-wise, a minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words in the digital environment.

This is no surprise since videos are A. a more popular format, B. less skimmed-through and C. the human brain is wired to accept visual information 60,000 faster than verbal/textual.

Paying close attention

The next thing you need to understand is that, when it comes to grabbing the attention of your audience, a video is simply unparalleled. Podcasts can be listened to while doing something else, which significantly diminishes the ability of a listener to focus on the brand message. The opposite (yet equally bad) is true for reading. Sure, graphics formats like infographics may be a bit more interesting, but video is the only one that overwhelms all your senses, forcing you to give it your full focus.

Still, the quality-requirements of a video are quite high in 2018, which is why most Australian businesses are advised to look for local professional aid. For instance, an NSW company would do better to team up with a creative agency from Sydney, than to try and tackle this issue on its own. In this way, you also get a consistency of branded message, aside from just receiving the benefit of using the most successful outreach channel.


Think about different content formats and the way in which they react when placed on a tiny screen of a mobile device. Reading becomes virtually impossible for all but those with optimal vision and, even to them, it’s, at very least, slightly uncomfortable. Podcasts are great, yet videos are, once again, the preferred format. To support this, there’s a claim that about 51 percent of all videos that get watched online are played on mobile devices. This includes those combined 600 million hours on Facebook and YouTube. So, making your videos with mobile users in mind might be the right course of action.

Boost to offline purchases

Lastly, you need to keep your offline purchases in mind when making a video. About 50 percent of all internet users will watch a video of a product before making a purchase. If this is a demo we’re talking about, a person is 1.81 times more likely to actually make a purchase than a person who failed to see it. As for the format of the video, how-to video types are growing more popular with each passing year, which should be more than a clear indicator of the direction you’re heading in. As for the traffic itself, remember that most of these people are qualified leads to begin with, which is why your conversion rates should be enviable, as well.


As you can see, with the right attitude, the right goal and knowledge of these several basic stats, you can tailor your digital marketing strategy in order to match the needs of your brand. Sure, some may argue that these rules may be situational, which means that the same effect may not apply; however, it’s always better to make your marketing data-driven than to go for the traditional intuition-based decision making.

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