Shared Finances Made Easy

MoneySpaces lets you create budgets, accounts or any money lists and is perfect to help you track all of your expenses.

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What's MoneySpaces

With MoneySpaces, you can easily create and share budgets, accounts, and money lists with anyone, whether it's your family, friends, or work colleagues.

Plus, you can collaborate, comment, and manage your financial spaces together, all while keeping your information secure with iCloud and CloudKit.

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Perfect For Families

MoneySpaces is, possibly, the ultimate budgeting app for families and couples!

Manage Family Finances.
Create budgets, accounts or spaces and share them with your partner. Tracking couple expenses has never been easier.
Set Up Allowances.
Easily set up allowances for your kids and track how they spend their money.
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Perfect For Friends

Keep track of your debts or plan your group's next big adventure.

Manage Debts.
Create shared spaces, invite your friends and keep track of who owes who.
Plan Vacations.
Use MoneySpaces to plan the perfect trip with shared expenses. Collaborate and engage in conversations for the best deals.
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Perfect For Students & Roommates

Easily keep track of your personal daily expenses and of all the split living expenses with your roommates.

Personal Space.
Create your personal and private spaces and track all of your daily expenses.
Shared Space.
Create a shared space, invite your roommate and track all of the split expenses.
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Simple. Secure. Customizable.

Think of MoneySpaces as your own personal Notes app, but specifically designed for your finances.

Personal & Shared

MoneySpaces is perfect for keeping track of your own personal expenses and any shared expenses with family or friends.

Private & Secure

MoneySpaces does not require any registration or login. Your information is securely stored on your private iCloud.

Collaborative & Customizable

MoneySpaces lets you engage in conversations with your family and friends for any specific transaction. Fully customize the look and feel of the app.

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MoneySpaces is an Apple-exclusive app available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.