About Us

MoneyCoach was created by Perjan Duro to solve his own problems with personal finance management. Perjan was losing money, because of not knowing where the money was going and where to channel the energy for earning more and spending less.

Let alone the fact that keeping track of so many accounts was a total waste of time.

Millions of freelancers, small startups, and normal people with more than 3 accounts (credit card, savings account, debit accounts, etc) face this issue every day. They need a fast and easy way to track their accounts and new techniques to make more money.

Motivated by this we crafted MoneyCoach — A machine-learning financial empowerment solution.

We took a look and tried several apps during a one-year period, but the current solutions were either oversimplified or cluttered and buggy. The apps that were above the crowd, needed always extra payments to unlock even a simple chart.

During the last months, MoneyCoach improved vastly, thanks to the community around it and to the users who suggest features that make their lives easier.

With unique features like Smart Budgets, Smart Goals, A.I Suggestions, Apple Watch app and so much more, MoneyCoach is the one-stop shop for financial empowerment!

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MoneyCoach Ecosystem

Take a look at our "by MoneyCoach" apps. There is something for almost everybody!

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