Track App Usage In Realtime

Take control of your app usage and develop healthier digital habits.

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What's Screen Time Realtime Control

Screen Time Realtime Control uses Shortcuts Automation to toggle a stopwatch whenever you open one of your configured apps (TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...) or any games (Clash of Clans, Marvel Snap, Genshin Impact).

Plus, you can check the daily and all-time usage for all tracked apps.

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Digital Wellbeing

Developing healthy app usage habits promotes better overall well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, and the feeling of being constantly connected.

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Enhanced Self-Awareness

By tracking your app usage, you gain a clearer understanding of how you spend your time on your device, leading to better self-awareness and more intentional behavior.

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Simple. Secure. Customizable.

Track as many apps as you want and personalize the look of the app.

Actually Benefitial

Screen Time Realtime Control is perfect for keeping track of how much you are using your apps and games.

Private & Secure

Screen Time Realtime Control does not require any registration or login. Your information is securely stored on your private iCloud.


Screen Time Realtime Control lets you personalize the look of the Dynamic Island and Live Activity widgets plus custom app icons.

Screen Time Realtime has an interesting origin.
It is a really cool story.

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Screen Time Realtime Control is an Apple-exclusive app available on iPhone and iPad.