Frequently asked questions

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What is MoneyCoach?
MoneyCoach is a modern cash and budget tracker. Designed to give you a grip on your personal finances. It helps you save more and spend smarter. And rewards you for reaching your goals. The app is also known as Money Coach or Money Coach App. But we prefer MoneyCoach. FUN FACT: There are some users who called us Money Couch as well 💰🛋️
Can I share my data with my partner?
Yes! You can share data with your partner as long as you are both subscribed to MoneyCoach Premium.
Can I share my subscription with my family members?
If you or a family member subscribes to a Family Plan subscription, everyone included in the family will become a premium user after restoring purchases. Keep in mind that it takes up to 1 hour for the purchase to become available to the other family members.
Can I use MoneyCoach on all my devices with one subscription?
Yes! If you subscribe to MoneyCoach Premium on your main device, you will be upgraded to Premium on all your other devices under the same Apple ID.
Is MoneyCoach private?
Absolutely. We have the utmost respect for your privacy. Your information is safe and secure with MoneyCoach. And it stays on your device.
What currencies are available?
All of them. From the American Dollar to the Albanian lek. (Premium Feature)
How secure is MoneyCoach?
Very secure. MoneyCoach is secured using Passcode, Touch ID or FaceID, so you can sleep safely… that is if Ethan Hunt is not around.
How much does it cost?
We offer MoneyCoach Premium for our Pro users. If you are a normal user, you can still get all the most used features for free. But if you want to support future development and the team, you can subscribe to MoneyCoach Premium and unlock extra powerful features.
Are there any ads?
Nope. We hate ads, just like you do.
Can I save pictures of receipts?
Yes, of course. You can snap a photo, scan a document and even attach a PDF file.
Can I use Siri?
Yeah! Adding transactions using Siri on the Apple Watch is the newest and most kickass feature yet.
Can I use import data from other apps?
Absolutely! You can import your financial data from any other app or software that you have. All you need is a CSV file.
Can I add Payees, Companies or Vendors?
Yes! You can attach a person, company or vendor to any transaction you add to MoneyCoach.
Can I add a location to my transactions?
Totally! You can attach a location to any of the transactions you add in the app.
If I have multiple accounts, can I make transfers between accounts in MoneyCoach?
Yes! You can make transfers between accounts in MoneyCoach. Please see our guides on how to do that.