MoneySpaces Available Now On Apple Vision Pro

• written by Perjan Duro
MoneySpaces Available Now On Apple Vision Pro

Today, we are please to announce that MoneySpaces is now available on Apple Vision Pro MoneySpaces is, possibly, the ultimate spatial budgeting app for families, couples, roommates, and more.

With MoneySpaces, you can easily create and share budgets, accounts, and money lists with anyone, whether it's your family, friends, or work colleagues. Plus, you can collaborate, comment, and manage your financial spaces together, all while keeping your information secure with iCloud and CloudKit.

MoneySpaces lets you create budgets, accounts or any money lists and is perfect to help you track all of your expenses. Think of MoneySpaces as your own personal Notes app, but specifically designed for your finances. It's simple, secure, and customizable, making it perfect for all sorts of budgeting needs.

For example, you can use MoneySpaces to set up allowances for your kids, split living expenses with your roommates, manage debts with your friends, plan a trip with shared expenses, track your travel expenses on a business trip, and even calculate the cost of events and parties!

MoneySpaces is the perfect app for:

  • Family budget
  • Parents setting up allowances for their kids
  • Couples managing their budget
  • Roommates splitting living expenses
  • Students managing debts with their friends
  • Trips with friends, shared expenses
  • Travel expenses on a business trip
  • Event planning and cost calculation

MoneySpaces is now available on Apple Vision Pro, iPhone, iPad and Mac. Download the app now.

Check out all of the Apple Vision Pro version screenshots here.

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