At MoneyCoach, we are always making updates and improvements to make your experience better. Here’s what’s new:

Night Mode

We added official support for Night Mode in MoneyCoach for all Android 9 & 10 users. The app looks great on Night Mode as we took long care to make it as close to perfect as we could. If your device is set to night mode, MoneyCoach will automatically switch too. Enjoy it!

Design Overhaul

We changed a lot of things in the app, things like font colors & sizes, replaced some assets, added some shadows here and there. We also redesigned the tab bar, now it looks and works even better than before. The app now feels more unified than ever.

We fixed a couple of bugs and improved the code in some places. 

Consider subscribing to MoneyCoach Premium to support our small team and the app development. Also, share the app with your friends and family. If you have feedback or suggestions, please submit a support ticket from within the app.

Krist from MoneyCoach