It’s that time of year again, when we release a major new version of MoneyCoach for macOS with tons of new features, design changes & improvements. 

The list is quite long so let’s get right to it. Our Mac app is the star of the show this evening. So here it is:

MoneyCoach Widgets

Glance at Budgets & Goals directly in the Home Screen and quickly execute actions in the app with our Quick Actions widget

  • 9 widgets in different sizes
  • Dynamic widgets using Intents
  • Accessibility

New macOS Experience

  • All-new design
  • Widgets in different sizes
  • Three-Column-Layout
  • New sidebars
  • New menus
  • New keyboard commands
  • and so much more

New / Bug Fixes on iOS and iPadOS

  • The state of the sort gets saved for payees, categories and subcategories
  • The date suggestions when creating a new transaction recommend the current time
  • Widgets display the main app currency and not the system currency
  • Widgets are adapting to large numbers and long text
  • and some small things you won’t even notice 😉

For the ones that like longer sentences:

New Widgets

Now you can place small, medium and large widgets on your screen to quickly glance at your budgets to limit yourself from overspending or track the progress of your goals for that motivational push. My personal favourite of the new widgets is the Quick Actions widget which allows you to quickly add an expense, income, transfer or even access Quick Entry. It is stupidly fast and you are going to love using it. The new widgets are powerful, helpful and extremely motivational.

New macOS Experience

We completely redesigned the MoneyCoach experience for macOS. We implemented a new sidebar in a three-column split view which dramatically enhances and takes the the Mac experience to a whole another level. Quickly navigate to anywhere in the app via the primary sidebar, explore more information in the supplementary sidebar and delve deep into the details in the secondary sidebar. The amount of work that went into this redesign is crazy, but the end result is more than worth it.

Budgets 2.0

We updated the design of the Budgets screens and added the ability to personalise your budgets with emojis. We also changed the way how the progress bar behaves, instead of filling up the more you spend on a budget, it now depletes until there’s nothing left for you to spend in the budget. One final thing, the default period when creating a new budget is now Month.

Optimised for macOS

With every new macOS version comes a lot of new cool features and tweaks that we support day one. We made a lot of under the hood changes, things you don’t get to see, to support these new technologies. What you can see are the new date pickers, new icons, design changes, custom menus for sorting and much more.

We put a lot of love and care into this massive new update and we hope you like what you see. App reviews are like gold to a small app developer. 

If you like using the app take a minute and leave one, it helps a ton! If you have feedback or suggestions, please submit a support ticket from within the app. 

Pero from MoneyCoach