Hello there! At MoneyCoach, we are always making updates and improvements to make your experience better. Here’s what’s new in MoneyCoach 5.2:

New Payee Report

Now you can see how much you spent on a company or person. Simply assign a payee to your transactions and they will appear here. You can also use this report as a “Debt Tracker” to track all your debts. This is a premium-only report. Enjoy it!

Quick Entry Improvements

You can now select a specific date when you are using Quick Entry. This makes it a great way to quickly add those backdate transactions. Also on iPadOS, you can move up and down the suggestions list, if you have a physical keyboard. Works on the Mac as well.

Add Transaction Improvements

On iPadOS we improved key commands when adding a new transaction. We also added better date pickers in the Mac version.

Notifications & Reminders

Now the reminders and notifications will work as they should. Don’t forget to try the Smart Notifications too, as it’s a great way to know how much you spend during the day plus a comparison the day before.

We redesigned all of the Report tab icons, unifying their design and look. Also, we included some other minor improvements and bug fixes here and there.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please submit a support ticket from within the app. 
Also, stay safe everyone!
Krist from MoneyCoach


Was gibt’s Neues:

Neuer Premium-Bericht

Zahlungsempfängertransaktionen a.k.a der „Schulden Tracker“. Jetzt kann man sehen, wie viel man für ein Unternehmen oder eine Person ausgegeben hat. Perfekt, um Schulden zu verfolgen. Weise deinen Transaktionen einfach einen Zahlungsempfänger zu, der hier angezeigt wird.


Füge ein bestimmtes Datum hinzu. iPadOS, die Vorschlagsliste nach oben und unten mit der Tastatur verwalten, wenn eine physische Tastatur vorhanden ist. Funktioniert auch auf dem Mac.

Neue Transaktion

Verbessert die Tastenbefehle beim Hinzufügen einer neuen Transaktion. Bessere Datumsauswahl auf dem Mac

Benachrichtigungen und Erinnerungen

Jetzt funktionieren die Erinnerungen wie sie sollten.

Andere kleinere Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen.


Krist von MoneyCoach


Cosa c’è di nuovo:

Nuovo rapporto Premium

Ora puoi vedere quanto hai speso per/in una azienda o persona. Perfetto anche per tenere traccia dei debiti. Basta assegnare una persona ai tuoi movimenti e appariranno qui.

Miglioramenti all’Inserimento Rapido

Aggiungi una data specifica. Su iPadOS, sposta su e giù l’elenco dei suggerimenti, se hai una tastiera fisica. Funziona anche sul Mac.

Miglioramenti all’Aggiungi Movimenti

Migliorati i comandi chiave quando si aggiunge un nuovo movimento. Migliorati selettori di data sul Mac.


Ora le notifiche funzionano come dovrebbero.

Altri miglioramenti minori e correzioni di bug.

Se hai commenti o suggerimenti, invia un ticket di supporto dall’app.
Krist di MoneyCoach