At MoneyCoach, we are always making updates and improvements to make your experience better. Here’s what’s New:

Siri Conversational Shortcuts 2.5

We’ve improved Siri Conversational Shortcuts by a lot. Now Siri feels more natural with her responses and before you add the transaction you will see a beautiful UI with the details of the transaction. We also added support for more languages when using Siri in Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese etc.

In case you forgot how to set up the shortcut, here’s a refresher:

Tap the new card the end of the Overview to get started. Then tap the “New Transaction” entry you see. Then tap on the “Add Transaction”. On the screen that opens, tap on the “General” and at the right side tap the “Clear” button. Go back and tap “Add to Siri”.

Now just say “Hey Siri” or activate Siri and say “New Transaction”. Then you can have a conversation with her and add a new transaction with the amount you want in the category and account you want. It’s that easy! Try it and let us know what you think.

Quick Payday Settings

We updated the design of the “Days Until Salary” card and included a new icon. If you tap that icon, you can quickly change your payday settings.

Back To Normal & Fixes

We replaced the festive app icon with the normal one, but you can still use the custom Christmas one. We fixed a bug with split-view on iPad that wasn’t correctly displaying the date picker. We also cleaned the code here and there for a smoother experience.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please submit a support ticket from within the app.


Krist from MoneyCoach


Cosa c’è di nuovo:

  • Abbiamo migliorato molto le scorciatoie di conversazione di Siri. Provali e facci sapere.
  • Abbiamo sostituito le icone festive con quelle normali.
  • Abbiamo corretto un bug con visualizzazione divisa su iPadOS.

Se hai commenti o suggerimenti, invia un ticket di supporto dall’app.


Krist da MoneyCoach


Was gibt’s Neues:

Bei MoneyCoach werden ständig Aktualisierungen und Verbesserungen vorgenommen.

  • Wir haben Siri Kurzbefehle um ein Vielfaches verbessert. Probieren Sie sie aus und lassen Sie es uns wissen. Weitere Infos im Blogbeitrag.
  • Wir haben die festlichen Icons durch die Normalen ersetzt.
  • Wir haben einen Fehler beim Datepicker im Split-View auf iPadOS behoben.

Wenn Du Feedback oder Vorschläge hast, ein Support-Ticket in der App erstellen.

Liebe Grüße,

Krist von MoneyCoach