Here’s what’s new in this update:

Siri Shortcuts 2.0

You have asked for this and it’s finally here! MoneyCoach supports Conversational Siri Shortcuts which means you can just talk to Siri to add a new transaction.

Tap the new card the end of the Overview to get started. Then tap the “New Transaction” entry you see. Then tap on the “Add Transaction”. On the screen that opens, tap on the “General” and at the right side tap the “Clear” button. Go back and tap “Add to Siri”.

Now just say “Hey Siri” or activate Siri and say “New Transaction”. Then you can have a conversation with her and add a new transaction with the amount you want in the category and account you want. It’s that easy! It also works with Apple Watch and HomePod. Try it and let us know what you think.

You can also do some crazy stuff in the Shortcuts app with Shortcuts Automation.

If you find any problems, let us know via an email or submit a ticket from within the app.

Fixes & Improvements

This update also includes other fixes and improvements like:

  • We fixed some crashes on iOS 12 and iOS 13. However, you might still experience a crash. This version includes some tools which will allow us to catch and understand what is causing the crash.
  • You can tap the # button when you are adding a description to quickly type the # character
  • You can tap the lighting icon in the Quick Entry to save the transaction
  • We fixed the isse with the Accounts not appearing in the Quick Entry
  • We’ve added the + in the new transaction modal in iOS 12
  • We improved the Dark Mode in some screens like the “Enter Pin” and “Notifications” screens
  • The Total is back on the Raports
  • Apple Watch app is available only on watchOS 6 or later devices

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Head Monkey