Hey there, Head Monkey here.

Yeah, I kinda lied when I said that the last update would be the last update for this year. I know, I know, we can’t help ourselves, but it pains us when we get negative reviews just cause some people think we removed something from the app… if only they took the time to just tap on a card, the world would be such a better place and we would receive so many positive reviews for the app.

Although we can’t directly talk to all of you, at this moment, know that we are trying our best, but it’s hard to transmit a message to millions of you speaking like 15 different languages…

Anyway, here’s what’s new into this, hopefully, last update for the year:

• Accounts Card
You can now see the top two accounts in the Overview along with a “View All” button. If you want to change what accounts you see in the card, just reorder your accounts in the Accounts list. This card substitutes the Net Worth card function to view all accounts. Now if you tap the Net Worth card, it will open the Net Worth Progression report. You are welcome!

• Emoji Naming Convention

We now use emojis instead of strings of text next to the Account names to describe the type for the following:

  • Savings Account = 💰
  • Business Account = 💼
  • Archived Account = 🗄

• Stability and Design Improvements
Our monkeys optimized the app, improved the design of the Articles, lowered the app size and did some other cool stuff behind the scenes. Hopefully, they haven’t broken anything… and if they did well, they can say “bye-bye” to the bonus bananas for this Holiday Season.

If you see 0 amounts in your Summary Cards, tap here to see how to fix this minor issue.

Well, that’s all. Happy holidays, enjoy yourself, stay safe and be happy. If you could also leave a positive review for the app or update your old one, that would warm my heart…

Love you all!
Head Monkey


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