Head Monkey here and holy moly, it’s already December. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, not only cause of the holidays but also because of the whole work environment. You can just slack off and well, no one will really care cause everyone’s doing the same thing as you; “working”….

But you know us, how we think and operate so there’s no slacking off on our side. Well, maybe a little bit on my side, but don’t tell Boss Monkey. 

Anyway, here’s what’s new:

Delete Multiple Transactions

Yup, now you can select and delete multiple transactions at the same time. This is especially powerful when you combine it with the Search box. Search for a tag, category, subcategory, whatever, select multiple transactions and delete all of them at once. Find this by tapping the new Edit button the Transactions list. And since it’s this time of year, this feature is available to everyone for free, you are welcome!

• Christmas App Icons

Yup, icons as in plural. We are temporarily replacing the main app icon with a more Christmas-y icon just to get into that whole good feeling vibe. But we’ve also decided to add an extra custom one for our Premium users. I spent a lot of time on it, so show it some love. You already know where and how to change the app icon.

• Stability Improvements

Yup, we did some holiday housecleaning making the app, hopefully, more stable. We also squashed some bugs, but since it’s cold outside some might try to get in and if they do, you let us know.

Probably, this is the last update for the year, if nothing catches on fire. It has been an interesting year, we learned a lot, introduced some major changes and new features to the app, got featured many times in the App Store and Apple has installed MoneyCoach on all the Apple Stores in Germany… yeah quite a good year!

Go on then, be a good person this holiday season, laugh, dance, eat and drink responsibly. And take it easy with the whole “F*** it, it’s Christmas” shopping attitude. Set up budgets in the app and pay close attention to how much you have left, let MoneyCoach help you and thanks us later either by subscribing to MoneyCoach Premium, leaving a heartwarming positive review or by *insert shameless plug here* buying some MoneyCoach merchandise.

Well, that’s it. 

Love you all!