Hey, we have some amazing news.

We are extremely humbled that Apple installed MoneyCoach on every new iPhone in every German Apple Store.

Check it out and tag the picture on Instagram! Thank you for your support and constant feedback. The Head Monkey and the other Monkeys love you. 

On this special occasion, the Berlin Monkeys enjoyed some Glühwein and some food at one of the Christmas markets here. While in the meantime the Head Monkey is freezing in the cold, lost in the forest… We will make it up to him as well when he comes here.

This update:

  • Stability improvements
  • We added a new bank account icon
  • We fixed a bug with Quick Entry
  • We fixed a bug that happened while deleting Budgets
  • We fixed some UI elements (thanks @markus)
  • We improved some localisations

If you are already a premium subscriber, thank you for your awesome support and if you are thinking about unlocking the full MoneyCoach experience, now’s the best time to jump in! 

Head Monkey <3 You