MoneyCoach 4.2 is one of our biggest updates ever. It’s so big that we could have actually called it MoneyCoach 5 and it would be fine. We did not since we have other plans for what that version’s going to be, so let’s focus on what is new in this version cause there’s a lot. Here we go:

∙ Introducing SMART Goals

Yay! Goals are finally in MoneyCoach and they are easy to use and yet so incredibly helpful. Do you want to buy that shiny new iPhone XS? Or do that dream vacation of yours? Or just save more money? You can do all of that now! Create a Smart Goal and start making deposits to it. The money you deposit in a goal is taken out from the circulation so that you will always know how much money you have left. More details on how to set up and use a Smart Goal will be posted shortly. Smart Goals is a MoneyCoach Premium-only feature.

∙ All-Vertical Overview 

Yup, there’s no more horizontal scrolling in the Overview. Now there’s only a seamless vertical scroll. It’s really fast, convenient and you won’t miss a thing that MoneyCoach has to show to you. Before you missed or didn’t know about some of the vital information MoneyCoach displayed in the other cards. Well, now you won’t miss them anymore by accident. But, as is usual with us, we went a little crazy with this new feature.

∙ Overview Customisation

Do you want the Net Worth card as the first card you see in the app? Do you want to sort the other cards as you like? Do you want to hide a specific card that is not that useful to you? Well, now you can do all of that. Go to Settings > Overview > Manage Cards or just tap the “Modify” button at the end of the Overview and customize it however you like. This feature is available to everyone for the moment, but its availability is always subject to change. Free users cannot toggle off or sort cards which are linked to Premium-only features.

∙ Design Revamp

By now, you already know us and our M.O… we like to go crazy with the new features we introduce. So we thought that the all-vertical and customizable new Overview would look even better if revamped the design of all the cards… and that’s what we did. New font colors, new icons and cool new gradients for all the Summary Cards. Quick Entry also received a lot of love with a totally new card design and a sweet looking expanding animation which, by the way, serves also a teaser of things to come. What do you think about this new modern look? Let us know with a positive review!

∙ Business Reports

Are you a freelancer or business owner who manages both personal and business finances in MoneyCoach? If yes well, now you can filter most of the reports to show only your Business Accounts. Try it on the My Net Worth and Fixed Costs and let us know what you think. And if not well, start doing it!

∙ Red Sunset Icon

A fan favorite app icon, slightly retouched, comes back as a new custom app icon for Premium-only. Enjoy it!

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug with the transfer to and from Savings accounts. Now these transfers are shown in the Summary Cards correctly
  • We fixed a bug for users who canceled the subscription
  • We fixed a bug that crashed the app when deleting Budgets
  • We fixed some other minor issues here and there
  • We fixed the new transaction when you open app function
  • We fixed the bug that showed Transfers between normal accounts in the app

Known Issues

  • If for some reason your Summary Cards are all 0, go to Settings > Overview > Summary Cards > Show/hide accounts and make sure your Accounts are selected

If you are already a premium subscriber, thank you for your awesome support and if you are thinking about unlocking the full MoneyCoach experience, now’s the best time to jump in! 

Monkey <3 You


  1. Hello – could u please explain why transfers are treated as expense and income and wondered if you are aware of issue, came up after update?

  2. Love Money Cosch and am a premium subscriber. I would love to see a running balance beside each account’s transactions when I scroll through the net worth tab. It’s hard for me to see how much I have in ea h account without this; currently, only the total of the day’s transact are shown, not what the remaining balance is in the accounts on a daily basis.

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