Yeah, we’re back and this update is fully packed with new amazing features like:

∙ MoneyCoach Shortcuts

MoneyCoach Shortcuts will allow you to add a transaction with just one tap! Setting up a shortcut is super easy too. Tap the Create Shortcut button, select the transaction you want as a shortcut and tap the Add Shortcut button, boom done! The next time you need to add that same transaction, just one-tap the shortcut! Don’t confuse these with the Siri ones. Here’s a guide on how to use them.

∙ Overview Customisation

Quick Entry is awesome, but so is the new Shortcuts feature. Now you can keep both of them, either one of them or hide both from the Overview. Find this in Settings > Overview. Psst… the name is a teaser of things to come. Also worth mentioning, this feature is free for everyone as part of a trial period and its availability is always subject to change.

∙ Referral System

Before, you could invite your friends to install MoneyCoach and get free budgets, now you can do that for accounts. Hey, “free users who have not supported MoneyCoach in any way shape or form, but quickly jumped to complain when the change happened”, this is for you… you are welcome. Find more details on this blog post!

∙ Calendar Overdrive

Yup, the calendar finally received some love and now you can quickly and easily add backdate transactions via the Calendar. Tap the “Days until next salary” card to open the Calendar and then tapping the + button will add a transaction to the selected date. 

∙ Monthly Projection

Future transactions are now calculated since the start of the month, so you’ll immediately know how much money you’ll have left for the current month.

∙ Monochromatic Icon

Yes, a new custom app icon is included in this update, enjoy it!

∙ What was fixed:

  • Fixed a bug in the Transfer view
  • Fixed a bug in the Transactions list
  • Fixed Apple Watch complications

If you are already a premium subscriber, thank you for your awesome support and if you are thinking about unlocking the full MoneyCoach experience, now’s the best time to jump in! 

Wow, you are still here? Good for you, being interested in an app that actually cares about you. Now show that you too care by leaving a review or update the old one as it helps us a lot. 

Monkey <3 You