Boo! Here’s the new stuff:

  • Added 2 new cool cards in the “For You” section that will give you the possibility to win free MoneyCoach Premium subscriptions. More details will be posted in a blog post shortly.
  • Improved the Future Transactions experience, when the switch is turned off, these transactions will be greyed out. Also, the Transaction list, the first time you go to it, will scroll to today or the closest day to today.
  • Added a Spooky new custom app icon for Halloween for Premium subscribers

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug while deleting accounts
  • Fixed a bug while editing account icon
  • Fixed a bug when using Quick Entry
  • Other minor fixes

If you are already a premium subscriber, thank you for your awesome support and if you are thinking about unlocking the full MoneyCoach experience, now’s the best time to jump in! 

Monkey <3 You

PS: Take it easy with the candy this Halloween or you will see a spike in the Dentist expense category in MoneyCoach 😀