Straight from the jungle, here’s what’s new:

  • Custom App Icon

Premium subscribers get the ability to change the app icon. Make MoneyCoach your own… well, right now there’s only one custom icon, which is really special to me, but more will be coming really soon. Change the app icon in the app’s Settings.

What was fixed:

  • Apple Watch Sync

The iPhone and Apple Watch were on a break and had moved their status to “It’s complicated”. Luckily now it’s back to “In a relationship”. Yeah, the sync between the devices works again now.

  • Report Bug

The new reports had a silly bug that displayed the transaction in the wrong periods. Our exterminator did his job…

  • Onboarding Bug

A button thought it was stretch-day every day… it doesn’t think that anymore.

  • Small Fixes

You know how it is, we fix a small thing here and there and probably break something bigger somewhere else.

Known issues:

  • The Custom App Icon kinda works, partially. We are taking a look at it.

If you are already a premium subscriber, thank you for your awesome support and if you are thinking about unlocking the full MoneyCoach experience, now’s the best time to jump in! 

Wow, you are still here? Good for you, being interested in an app that actually cares about you. Now show that you too care by leaving a review or update the old one as it helps us a lot. 

Monkey <3 You

PS: I cannot wait for October 26, 2018


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