In this glorious update:

  • Quick Entry 2.1

We reworked the whole thing and fixed some bugs with same-name subcategories. We also added some quick suggestions when you add a transaction. Also, there’s a switch in the Settings so that when the app opens, it opens immediately in Quick Entry mode. Try it and let me know.

  • Sorting Subcategories

You have been asking for this for a while now guy(s) with 99 subcategories in a category so here it is. Go to Settings>Categories>Category and tap Edit to sort the subcategories as you please.

  • Restore from Dropbox

It works now, we fixed it.

We also fixed some other small bugs and surely created some new ones, but hey, no one is perfect.

If you are enjoying MoneyCoach, consider leaving a review or update the old one as it helps us a lot. 

Monkey <3


PS: This wasn’t supposed to be 3.9 version since we had something else planned for that number, but somehow our head monkey, aka. me, messed up in the App Store Connect.

PPS: Hmmm, I guess I can ask the Apple guys to delete that entry though…

PPPS: But should I though?

PPPPS: Nah, those guys are already as busy as it gets.

PPPPPS: Yay! I am going on vacation for a week. So if the app catches fire well, you have to put it out yourself. Or you can ask one of the other monkeys in the office.