UPDATE 2 September 2018, 20:14 Berlin Time

The issue is still present in the app even after the 3.9.3 update. We believe we fixed the issue, but we have to run a few more unit tests to see if it is 100% working. Once that happens, the update will be over at Apple for review. It might take a day or two, but it is coming! Please be patient. Thanks for understanding! 

This update is a very important one in MoneyCoach’s history as we are switching to a subscription model. But this doesn’t change anything for our existing premium users. You can enjoy the things you already paid for. 

The way we did things, asking just a one-time payment to use MoneyCoach Premium forever, isn’t viable anymore. It has not been viable since the start of this year, but we had to fix some things before we made the switch to the new subscription model. 

You can read a lot more about why we had to make this change, how does it affect the current premium features and the new ones coming in the future, what happens to the premium users etc. It is all described in detail there, so take a look at it.

What else is new:

– We fixed the Simple Widget, it works now

– We improved the Onboarding experience for the new users

– We fixed a silly bug that “required” you to reselect the account icon when editing an account

– We added the ability to delete a subcategory by long pressing on it while adding a new transaction

This new subscription model will allow us to push new updates with amazing new premium features that will make your financial lives easier. Join and support us in this new journey, we will not disappoint you. Well, there will always be bugs, but you already knew that 😀

If you are enjoying MoneyCoach, consider leaving a review or update the old one as it helps us a lot. 

Monkey <3 You

PS: The Monkey can finally eat a Bio Banana per week…