Wow a new decimal number, things are getting exciting. Here’s what’s fresh out the oven:

Salary Based Calculation

Now when you select your repeating income salary transaction, the app calculates everything depending on the interval of the transaction. Check out the video tutorial down below to understand how to use this new feature.

Budget 2.0

We completely redesigned the Budget Details screen, it displays more information, it looks better and there’s room for growth.

New Budget details in action

New Budget details in action

White Widgets

You asked for them and we delivered. They look sweet!


When you are adding a transaction or transfer and you want to multitask and then return back to the app, MoneyCoach now remembers what you were doing 🙂

Category Manipulation

When you are in the select category screen, long press a category to delete or favourite. We also increased the spacing between them making them more accessible and the whole screen more beautiful.

Long press on top of the categories

Long press the categories

What we fixed:

  • Changed the naming of a few things, they make more sense now 🙂
  • Small localisation typos in all the languages
  • Calendar was broken, now it’s all good
  • Throttling due to the percentage in the Summary cards
  • Performance improvements

Help Us Help You Section

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Until then,

Monkey <3 You