In this quick update:

  • We fixed the bug that caused the immediate crash for some users
  • We added a new mini-feature so when you are on the Transactions list and tap the + button in the top right, depending on the dates you are scrolling, you will get suggestions to add a transaction directly to those dates. This is perfect to easily add backdate transactions. Try it and let us know what you think!

As always, if you are enjoying the app, consider leaving a rating for MoneyCoach.

Last update:

Yeah, we don’t sleep anymore…

In this update, we are introducing Hashtags!

You can now add #tags to your transactions and keep track of everything in a nice tidy way. Are you in Russia for the World Cup? Great, just add #Russia #WorldCup to your transactions and when you are back home, you can easily search and see where your money went.

But, you know us, we wanted to push this new feature even further. That’s why we added a cool new Report that will nicely display all the #tags you have used, the total amount for each #tag and you can just as easily see all transactions with that #tag. This new feature is perfect to use for #vacations, #holidays, #shopping, #debts etc.

When you are adding a transaction just tap the # icon and you are all set, easy! Still, if you need a guide on how to use this feature, let me know.

That’s about it. If you are enjoying MoneyCoach and the World Cup, consider leaving a rating for the app. You have no idea how helpful and motivating that is to us.

I love all of you and no, that’s not the vodka talking 🙂
<3 Monkey