We update the app regularly to add cool new stuff you guys suggest or fix the broken stuff that you guys find out. This update is one exactly one of those updates. We just added a user requested feature and we fixed a user submitted bug.

Incognito Mode – With the flick of a switch found at the end of the Overview, you can keep those prying eyes from reading your personal financial data. It’s perfect for when you are in public. Try it and let us know! This is a new premium feature you will use only if you are subscribed to MoneyCoach Premium.

3D Touch Fix – Fixed a bug where 3D Touch showed incorrect information.

Now I wanted to talk to you directly about something really important. A couple of weeks ago we released the GDPR update along with new Privacy Policy tools, bells, and whistles which is all good. But what we saw is that some of you didn’t accept to share the analytics and crash logs with us. That is also good, we value your privacy and you have the right to disable sharing your analytics data with us.

However, that choice is a double-edged sword. If you don’t share your analytics with us, we cannot help you if a problem arises since we don’t receive any errors or crash logs and it’s nearly impossible to find out what happened or what caused the problem. So if you don’t have accepted to share the analytics, don’t even bother to ask for support since we cannot help you, it will all be a big waste of time for us and most importantly for you and we don’t want that. Think about this and if you want to see MoneyCoach improve even more in the near future, consider sharing the analytics and crash logs.