This should be more like 3.9 due to the size of it, but then we will be out of numbers so 3.8.2 it is. Man, we added a lot of cool new stuff here:


The app is now compliant to GDPR. You can read what we track in the app, grant us access to do so or not, delete all data or export everything you have stored in the app. Find more about this in the Privacy tab or by taking a look at our new and updated Privacy Policy on the website.

Smart Notifications

Now you can receive a detailed notification at the end of the day and week with your spendings and a comparison to the previous day and week. You can find the switch to activate this new powerful feature in the Notifications tab in the Settings.

Fixed Costs Report

We added a completely new report that will show you your average monthly costs based on all your ongoing recurring expenses. The report is smart enough and it will calculate all of your repeating expenses, be those daily, weekly, biweekly, 3-weeks or monthly. Plus, we added a ton of new icons for subscriptions based services, so you are welcome. You can find this new report in the Reports tab.

Transactions by Category 2.0

We overcharged this report even more making it even better. Now it compares your expense or income to the previous period and it shows you how much money you have over/under spent/earned and a percentage. You know where to find this, now don’t you?

Portuguese Localisation

Yup, the app is now fully localized in Portuguese! The app automatically detects the device language and switches to that language. Wow, 11 languages now and counting…

Account Cards

You can now find the account card on top of the transaction list of any account. It may look like a small thing, but it’s way better than the microscopic thing we had in the status bar which most of you didn’t even notice.

Archiving Accounts

We added the ability to archive accounts, yay! You can do this two ways. You can swipe left on an account in the View All Accounts list, choose More and then Archive. Or you can tap the Edit button on top and drag the account you want to archive in the Archived Accounts section. Archived accounts are hidden and cannot be selected to enter new transactions, but you can still see all the transaction history and they are still calculated in the Net Worth by default. Unarchiving is as easy as dragging the account back up. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Default Categories

Now you have the ability to reset all data or reset just the data you created. If you choose the second one, the app will delete all your data except the app default categories. You can find this in the Data tab in the Settings. Before you try this, make sure to do a manual Dropbox backup.

Currency in CSV

Now when you import a CSV file with multiple currencies, eg. one exported from MoneyCoach, the importer tool identifies and adds them to the correct currency.

We also killed a couple of bugs, but nothing really reading about. As you can see we added quite a few, no no, a ton of new features and improvements to existing systems, basically for free.

I think we more than deserve a nice review on the App Store and you telling your friends and family about MoneyCoach now, don’t we? So like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As always feedback is appreciated.

Monkey <3 You