Update 09.08.2018 22:17 CET

We uploaded a new app version that should be on the App Store pretty soon.
This version tries to rescue any data that you might have locally, so PLEASE DO NOT REINSTALL / DELETE THE APP.

The new app version is 3.8.13, build 298.

How to rescue what was saved automatically:

  • Open app
  • Go to Settings >> Data >> Backup to Dropbox
  • Wait for the backup to finish
  • After the backup is done, you should see a new backup.zip file in you Dropbox
  • Contact us directly within the app and we will guide you through personally through the process

Real-Time Update from Monkey

So the update has a silly bug, but it only happens to the users who have iCloud Sync turned on, so if you are not one of them, you are not affected by this, read after the End of Update heading.

If you had iCloud Sync turned ON, there’s a good chance that the app will crash mid-migrating. If you reopen the app and try to turn on the Cloud Sync switch ON again, the app will crash. Do not worry!

The culprit seems to be those cheeky #Tags that you might have created and added to some of your transactions. There’s a simple and easy fix for this. Go to the Reports tab, open the Tags report and swipe left on all of the hashtags you see there. Note: Deleting a hashtag does not delete the transactions with that #

After you delete all tags, go and turn ON Cloud Sync switch and lo and behold, the migration will start, continue and finish!

End of Update

Finally, it’s here, the new syncing architecture is up and running in the app. After the update, if you had Cloud Sync on, the app will start migrating all your data to the new sync and depending on the amount of data and internet speed, that might take a while so please be patient and don’t quit the app. 

When that is all done and finished, you may continue to use the app as you do normally. If you have multiple devices, check out the guides on what to do. A special thanks goes to our wonderful pioneers: Francesco, Douglas, Hank, Sean, Matteo, Felix, Fillipo, Venerando and Juliano. 

What else is new:

  • We boosted the speed of opening the Transaction list even further than the last update
  • We minimized the account card in the account transaction list as “angry guy that’s actually a pretty cool guy” suggested in his review, this is for you buddy
  • We fixed a bug that prevented you from selecting an icon when creating a new account
  • We also fixed a couple of small bugs here and there as usual

Now that the sync is out and about, we can focus on cool new and interesting features and improvements that will make MoneyCoach the go-to app for personal finances.

Greatness is Coming!

If you are enjoying MoneyCoach, consider leaving a review or update the old one as it helps us a lot. 

Monkey <3


  1. Well, migration does not crash, but there’s no data left
    No accounts, no budgets, no transactions
    I used tags, and run iOS12 public beta 5 (latest one)

    What happened:
    – Updated the app
    – It started migrating, circle ran twice, pretty fast it was complete (maybe took 3-5 seconds) considering I have about 2 years of history and use an old iPhone 6
    – Now there’s no data

    – Turning sync off and back on
    – Again it shows as if it’s upgrading, but actually still all is empty

    – Should I wait (and data gets restored in time)
    – Shiuld I do other magics
    – Or should I restore from Dropbox (I have latest backup)

    • If you have the latest backup in Dropbox, please do a restore.
      Also, if you want to help us investigate this issue further, can you please share your latest backup with us?
      We want to test it on our test devices, as the data structure might have been messed up.

      Thanks Maxym.

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