This is a small update or at least, you won’t see any big changes in the app, apart from the new Report icons. Mostly the stuff we did in this update was behind the scenes, cleaning stuff up, making everything ready to make the switch to a new iCloud Sync method which, hopefully, will put an end to the problems some of you have experienced in the last weeks.

We also fixed a couple of minor bugs, small annoyances, but nothing really worth mentioning. Our Ghostbusters are still tracking down the ghostly buttons and trying to eradicate them, but it seems that it might be a iOS legacy bug aka. Apple’s fault, but they will continue to keep busting.

In the meantime, I don’t know if you have already read it, but we joined the Think Forward Initiative to push MoneyCoach even further, click here to read all about it.

We are also trying something new about involving all you guys in MoneyCoach’s development. Well, we have been already doing that with the forums where you can post ideas about new features or vote on other people’s suggestions, but we want to push your involvement even further. You have posted some great ideas, but we also have our own fantastic ideas and we need to gauge your interest in which feature do you want to see first added to MoneyCoach.

That’s why for the past couple of weeks, we have been designing how these features would work, how would they benefit you and more importantly how would they actually look like once they are in the app. The first “vote form” is already live and some of you have already filled it out, thanks for that. But be more specific, what you like about the proposed idea or design, what you don’t like, what you expect it to do and so on. Let’s make MoneyCoach better, together! So tap that intriguing button down below and vote for the next feature.