“Operation Tersus” is still running and Part Five might be the most important update we have released to date. Why? It’s a secret.

Well, not really since we’ve been talking about it for quite a while now on our newsletter, subscribe btw. We have been working on a new way to handle iCloud Sync so there are some steps before we make the switch.

Other than that, here’s what’s new:

  • We added a new user-requested Summary Card. Scroll to the right to find the “Current Year” card. And if you tap that, you will go to the lovely pie chart report filtered by years. Here is to you, Mario.
  • We added a new date picker in the new transaction screen that will make selecting the time & date even faster
  • We added the ability to reorder your Budgets, yay! You asked and we delivered. Just tap the Edit top left and then drag and drop the drawer icon to reorder your Budgets. That was fast Zeyad, wasn’t it :)?
  • We removed the Tab Bar from the Calendar, freeing up some space for future plans. Maybe add future transactions on the selected date, directly from there, huh? What do you guys think, do you like this idea?

What was fixed:

  • Fixed the “invincible modal” bug when you tried to save a repeating transaction. Now when you tap Save it dismisses the screen normally like it should.
  • Fixed some nasty bugs in the Quick Entry. If you still encounter problems when using it, let us know asap by submitting a ticket directly from the app.
  • Fixed other small bugs here and there, but none big enough to even worth mentioning

The future is bright and great stuff that will make your financial life are coming.

As always, send over any feedback or suggestion, we are all ears.

Until then,

Monkey ❤ You

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