“Hola, ¿cómo estás?” – MoneyCoach now fully supports Spanish. A long time coming, we finally did it with the help of our amazing Juan. Take a look at the app and let us know if we messed up anywhere.

In this update we also:
– Fixed a UI budget duplication bug
– Fixed some ghostly UI bugs
– Made improvements to the code and performance

As always, if you find anything, *cough* bugs *cough*, that shouldn’t be in the app, you let us know.
<3 Monkey


MoneyCoach is developed by the team at Imperium Apps. If you need a world-class app for your business, think of them for your next project.


  1. How do I add an expenses in the budget? I have a budget for certain church activity under gift but when i add an expenses this amount is not deducted in my budget so i know how much budget balance.

    • Hi! First, your budget has to track the category you are adding the transaction to. Make sure that your church activity is selected in your budget details. Then when you add a new transaction, the budget will detect and calculate the remaining budget for that day

    • First, we do not say that the app has a currency converter inside, but it has a powerful multi-currency function which you can read more about it in the guide you will find in the Blog. Second can’t offer refunds directly, you have to talk to Apple about that. Thanks

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