3.7.4 Update

The “machine gun” updates continue and this time we:
– Fixed another bug in the Repeating Transactions and Transfers
– Fixed a bug in iOS 10.3.3
– Improved app performance
– Watched The People vs. O.J Simpson, great serie

As always, if you find any bug, let us know on the forums.

<3 Monkey


I would like to call this part five of our ongoing operation, but I don’t really want to do that, even though in this quick update we fixed quite a few important bugs. The app experience feels better, runs faster and load quicker so this update was very necessary.

Here’s what we fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where Future Transactions weren’t working as they should, now they do and are calculated (or not) everywhere in the app
  • Fixed the Future Transactions switch in the Settings
  • Fixed a bug with the Repeating Transactions
  • Fixed a UI bug when entering a new transaction
  • Fixed a bug in the Calendar screen
  • Fixed a bug with the rounding engine
  • Fixed a bug when connecting to Dropbox
  • Fixed a small bug with invisible buttons

We are working really hard to make the app better in every way so if you are experiencing a problem, encountering a bug or have a suggestion about something we can improve or add to the app, submit a ticket or post it on our forums directly from the app. Another important thing, if the app crashes and the next time you open it you see a dialog about sharing the crash report with the developer, please do share that as it helps us find and kill pesky bugs.

As always, <3 Monkey!


  1. Freezing and Crashing when I try to add repeat transactions: using iPhone 7 +, running iOS 11. Paid for premium ($16 in upgrades, so a bit concerned…

    • Hi Yasmin,
      Please submit a ticket directly from the app detailing what happens and your problems so that we might help you.

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