So another week and another new quite large update for MoneyCoach, no big surprise here. Three weeks… two (?)… a few weeks ago we asked you to vote on which feature you would like to see added first in MoneyCoach. Many of you turned up, voted and well, you choose the new Net Worth report to be added first.

Net Worth Report

What does this new report do? It will show you your progression over time, how much money have you managed to save with MoneyCoach until and it will pick on you if you are in the red zone. We also kinda changed things at the last moment where we added these cool illustrations that will portray your progression with MoneyCoach. There may be a fourth secret one, but you didn’t hear it from me.

We Speak Dutch

We also added full Dutch localization support in the app with the help from someone from TFI (thanks Anne), which is great for all you Dutch speakers out there already using the app and, hopefully, all the new ones that will join us, but it was kinda bad for me since I had to create all the new marketing assets for the tenth time, so yeah.

The Last Picker

In the last update, we added the ability to switch between two different Date pickers when adding a new transaction and a lot of you wanted the app to remember the last one used. Now it remembers which one you used last and you’ll always see him first which means that the other one will get forgotten and be completely left alone in the dark… poor boy.

Black Magic Dust and Fixes

We sprinkled some black magic, ala SaltBae, to the Overview making it faster than it previously was especially when you switch between tabs.

We also fixed a “swipe left” bug for iOS10 even though, what are you guys still doing with iOS10? We cleaned up the Chinese and Italian localisations a bit, they should feel a little more natural. And to top it all we tweaked the UI a bit here and there, let’s see if you spot these changes.

And that’s about it.

Help Us Help You Section

As always if a find a bug, you know who to call (psst, us) and keep sending any feedback or suggestions you have for the app our way. Do not forget to Subscribe to our Newsletter cause first, it’s awesome and second, you can vote on MoneyCoach’s future.

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Until then,

Monkey <3 You

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