In the last update, we began what I baptized “Operation Tersus” with a simple goal in mind: Make MoneyCoach Fantastic!

Operation Tersus: Part Deux” is the biggest update we have ever released for MoneyCoach, yet. Complete app redesign (for real this time), iPhone X dedicated support, new powerful features, more user customisation, 200+ new icons (famous banks included) and so much more!

iPhone X is here so now you can unlock MoneyCoach with your face. Yay! Other than this, we are introducing a new feature, “Quick Entry”, that will revolutionize how you add expense transactions in MoneyCoach. Just write the amount, account and category/subcategory and save a new expense in a matter of seconds. This is the shortcut feature many of you wanted and asked about and the AI-powered suggestion system takes things on a whole another level. Quickly write “5$ for an Orange Mocha Frappuccino” as you zoom around in your Ford Bronco blasting “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and add the expense in 2-seconds with the help of the AI suggestions engine. It’s cool, it’s fast and it just works. I’ll go into more details on an upcoming post on the blog so stay tuned.

That fresh iPhone X design…

Another new feature is the new Calendar View. Just tap on the lovely new redesigned Calendar Card on you’ll open the new Calendar. Now you can plan your future spendings better. Tap on a date to see all your transactions and the total of that day. A new powerful tool that will enable you to do so much with ease. Remember that this is only the 1st version of this feature and we’ve got some exciting plans for it in the near future.

What else? Well, now if you tap the Budget Left card, also redesigned btw, you will be redirected to the Monthly Report where now the calculations will start on your selected “month start date”. The Tab Bar got a refresh with all new icons and introduced a big plus right in the middle of it. What happens when you tap it? Well, the add new Transaction/Transfer buttons pop-up very elegantly. And we have a lot of screen estate to play with 😉 so good things are coming.

A lot of work was done under the hood to make backing up and restoring data faster, we improved the speed of the app, reduced some animations speed and added some background checks that improved the overall app stability.

Also, we dedicated a lot of time to the iPhone X version making it a fantastic and seamless experience so if you are one of the lucky ones who managed to get an iPhone X from the first batch, let me know your opinion and feedback.

Update 3.5 wasn’t really the “complete redesign” we had in mind for MoneyCoach, this is the true redesign of the MoneyCoach app.

Cards redesign…

To begin with, we created a new simple yet very elegant app icon. We also have some other cool special ones, that are coming soon-ish. We also redesigned the unlock screen, all white, looks gorgeous. What else? We pretty much took the whole Home design, threw it away and came up with the totally new fresh Overview.Every element, cards, fonts, shadows, and colors were meticulously redone so that the app would look stunning on all devices from 4″ to 5.8″ to 12,9″ sizes. Active pagination for all the cards? Yeah, that is also a thing now.

The Settings tab was a mess, everything was thrown there and you had to scroll to infinity to do the simplest of things. That is not the case anymore as we did a lot of work on it and now it’s cleaner, faster and way more user-friendly than it was before.

Everything is more rounded now so if you fall, you won’t get “impaled” like in the other apps. The Transactions list also got a total refresh with cool new rounded icons, it looks just lovely now. We’ve also killed a sh*tty bug that lived in the Search function and made the list totally invisible for some reason. I thought it was black magic and couldn’t be fixed, but our Terminator found and well, terminated it. He also terminated a couple of bugs that were hiding under the CSV engine, in the Transactions list, the reports screen etc.

New screens, better screens…

Remember that cough* annoying cough* “review” cat card”? What about that “share the love and get a free stuff even though you have an infinite number of that stuff” cat card? Well, we parted ways with those cats… maybe we’ll miss them and add them back later or maybe they are still hiding in the app as an easter egg.

I asked on Twitter what icons would you guys like to see in the app since I decided to throw what we had in the trash since I wanted to add completely new ones and I got a response which made a ton of sense. “Add some famous bank logos” so I added like 30+ bank logos. Then I went overkill and added 170+ new account and category icons, some of the later very amusing and fitting for the everyday use of MoneyCoach.

Just a taste of the new icons…

If you appreciate what we do for you, leave a review in the App Store. It is Free 🙂 Video guides for the new and old stuff will go live sometime soon, keep checking the blog for more details.

Always remember “Greatness Never Settles”.


  1. WOW! Just Wow! That update was awesome!!
    First of all, the design. It is gorgeous, simple, powerfull, beautiful, so so nice! And I LOVE the new icon. KEEP IT PLEASE! The transaction list is a lot more subtle and the app overall is much much better to look at! Congrats to the design team. I would just change something in the overview page, and that is the vertical scroll. I think everything should be static there, just with horizontal scrolls for the cards and the accounts. Can you think about it?

    Second: the long-awaited calendar. It is really usefull and one of the only thing I was missing. Now the app is complete. Although you guys always have some to improve in it, it is perfect now!

    Thank you for this amazing app that I use everyday and change the way I see my finances. I have so much control now, and is a fun and ease to do so in such a beautiful app. The best in app store, and i’ve tried a lot!

    Sorry my bad english.

    • Thanks for the kind words Jonathan. The Overview is going to get only better since we have a lot of cool plans for the future so the vertical scroll will stay. We will be announcing more soon!

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