The next couple updates will bring more refinements and new cool features as we mark the beginning of “Operation Tersus”. Long story short, MoneyCoach is going to get even better.

But until then, in this update we:
– Fixed the Dropbox problem, connect again and you’re set
– Fixed the Simple widget, it just works now.
– Improved localizations in all languages
– Now you receive only one notification when you add multiple transactions from the widget
– Now you can select the favorite card on the Home Screen through the card’s settings

We also:
– Fed the cat
– Added a “Vote Now” card on the Home Screen
– Added a new date in the CSV Import
– Fixed a few typos
– Watched “The Expanse”, good show

As always we do appreciate any constructive feedback you send our way. Please consider leaving a review for the app or update your old one.

That is all for now.
Monkey out!


  1. Love the app, but you should definitely rethink homescreen. Cards are nice, but there are severall of them and we cant delete any of them. Besides that, the homescreen now has sliders all over the place, vertically and three horizontally. Oh gosh. The design is beautiful, but please make everything fits in a no-slider page.

    Hope it helps.

    Love ya!

    • We are still tweaking the design and we already offer ways to customize the Overview. Thanks for the feedback, please leave a positive review for the app.

  2. Is there a way to see a current balance. I schedule payments in advance & I can only see what the balance is after all the bills are paid

    • You can deactivate the Future Transactions in the Settings so that the transactions are not taken into consideration until the moment they happen.

    • When you do the Onboarding, you can choose the salary and how many times do you get paid, weekly, bi-weekly etc.

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