We hear your feedback, that’s why we are here. You help us and we help you and together we are making MoneyCoach the premier personal finance app in the App Store. In the 3.2 update, we changed a few things around, improved some existing features and implemented more security measures for your data.

Transactions by Category by Accounts

Yes, it’s finally here. It took a while, but now you can display your spending data filtered by one or more account so you get a better idea of your spending habits. It was great before, but now it is truly a powerful tool. Try it and send us your feedback.

Today Summary Card Redesign

I know you get “scared” from the insane expense percentage in the Today summary card. What does “5958%” even mean? That’ why we scraped it and made the Today summary card more helpful that gives you at a glance your overall balance for today. If the text color is green, you have a positive balance. If it is red, you have a negative balance. Now you can easily check how much you’ve spent or earned today. Share your thoughts about it in the comments down below.

AI Backed CSV Importer/Exporter

Our importer is one of the most, if not the most, powerful CSV importers in a finance app. But we wanted to make it even better. Now you can import a CSV file stored on your iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. directly from within the Settings of the app. And the best thing is that the importer is AI based, meaning that you can just import a file type once, and it will detect everything automatically every time you import it.That’s neat, am I right?

That’s neat, am I right? Also, we’ve added a customizable CSV exporter, as an in-app-purchase, that allows you to customize the data you want to be exported, perfect for both personal and business accounts.

We also added new fields for Subcategories and Payees and some new date formats. And while we were at it, we decided to give it a new fresh coat of paint.

Articles Redesigned

Have you taken a look at the articles lately? If not, you totally should! We gave the old boring list a design revamp. The new design is clean, modern and we can display pictures and a short excerpt so you know what to expect before tapping to read it. Also when we post a new article, be that a guide, financial tip or we share something about our official merch (which btw is awesome), you get a small red dot on the newspaper icon top left on the Home Screen. Cool, right?

Automatic Backup

The first time you enable iCloud, it will create an automatic backup for you. And if something goes wrong during the process, you can always restore from the automatic backup.

More Customization

We’ve read some of your feedback and we came to the conclusion that some of you do not like the emojis in the Summary Cards. Well, now you can disable them, even though I don’t personally understand. Also now you can change the % where the Summary Cards changed color from green to red. The default is 44%, but now you can set it whatever you like it. All of these can be done in the Settings of the Summary Cards, first card on the main screen.

If you like the app, please show your support by leaving a positive review or update your current one as it helps us a lot. Also if you have any featre request, submit it to our forums. Keep being awesome!