This is another massive update. In fact it is so big that we are dropping the Blitz part of the name and officially renaming it to just MoneyCoach.

Here’s what’s new:


You can now set up budgets to limit your spending and save money each time. Create a budget to limit your drinks, junk food, transport, smoking etc. It is all up to you. Enter the name, select the budget interval, select which categories and subcategories you want to track, the image and you are set.

Each time you add a transaction to that category, the budget will update. Try to stay within your budget and you will be surprised on how much money you can save! Free users can create one free Budget, while if you subscribe to MoneyCoach Premium you can create an unlimited number of Budgets.

New Reports

We added not one, not two, not three, but four new reports that will help you understand better your spendings.

You can check your Net Worth progression through the months and how much money you’ve saved since you started using MoneyCoach.

You can see a detailed breakdown of your Income vs Expenses, scroll through the different months and see how you’ve been progressing in the beautiful chart.

The next report will show you a Summary or the difference of each month, how plus or minus you closed the month.

And the final one will show you your fixed monthly costs based on the repeating transactions you’ve set up in your MoneyCoach. These four new reports are available to all users, free and premium, while the Filters for the reports are a Premium only feature.


You can now attach photos of receipts or PDFs to the transactions you add.

While in the new transaction screen, tap the attachment button and select your photo or file, MoneyCoach will take care of the rest.

Transaction Details

Now when you tap on a transaction, you will be presented with a new screen where you can see the details of the transaction, the repeating interval and any attachment you might have added to it.

Info Cards

We added a couple of new Overview cards with helpful information like the release notes for each update, quick tutorials on how to use the app and a card to quickly suggest or vote on new features.

Major Redesign

We have completely redesigned most of the screens in the app. We replaced some boring elements with cool and exciting ones. More colors, more ways to customize your experience. We also redesigned the new transactions screen, it looks better and it will allow us to easily add Dark Mode support in the near future.

Localized in Hindi

We added official support for the Hindi language for all of our Indian users. Let us know if there’s any typo in the app!

Bug Fixes

We cleaned the code a lot, fixing some reported bugs and now the app feels way faster than before.


If you like what we’ve been doing, leave a review as it helps a lot. Also consider to subscribe to our MoneyCoach Premium and support our small team. It costs less than a frappuccino for a month.


Head Monkey