MoneyCoach is expanding at a neck breaking pace. Sometimes we are breaking our neck too.

So, sorry for the bugs you may have experienced.

We fixed one pesky bug:

  • iCloud Sync failure for users who had repeating transactions reported some issues. Fixed. Thanks to Hessijames79 for reporting it.
  • iCloud Sync turn off switch: The app will work again after switching it off
  • iCloud Sync: Better syncing when launching the app for the first time
  • Improved CSV importer
  • Improved TouchID security. On some occasions you could see the main screen for a fraction of a second before the lock screen appeared. Not anymore.

We are adding amazing new features:

  • Net Worth on Apple Watch. Improving the Apple Watch app even further. Now you can see your Net Worth and all the other visible accounts straight from your wrist. Promise kept @Stephane
  • Calculator: Long awaited feature. Now you can select the keyboard type that best fits you. Just change it in the settings screen.
  • Negative amounts when creating an account. Perfect for credit cards, loans etc.
  • Date format for CSV files. Now you can select the date format when importing a CSV file. We added more than 30 formats. If you need others, let us know.

@everyone: Thanks a lot for your trust. We are doing our best to improve the app even further.

@Hessijames79: You can always turn push notifications off, instead of writing hate reviews. If you have problems with the app, write to our support instead.Thanks

Jobs @ MoneyCoach

We are expanding our services, so we need your help. Competitive salaries, lot of benefits and an amazing team. Just write to us at

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