Here we are again with a fresh new version that fixes most of the CSV import bugs.

Killed bugs:

  • Fixed some bugs that made the app crash due to CSV files that were not correctly formatted. Now thanks to AI, MoneyCoach can detect and process CSV files better.
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t sort the account on the widget correctly. Now if you reorder your accounts inside the app, they will appear in that order also in the widget.

What’s new:

  • The Advanced widget will now collapse and expand better on iOS 10.
  • Improves the Import Screen to support smaller devices and bigger CSV header names.
  • The Restore function was deeply improved and now it is faster.
  • The initial onboard experience was improved.

PS: Huge thanks to all of you which motivate us with your emails and ideas.

And don’t forget to leave a great review if you like the app. You don’t know how much it helps us.

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