Hey Guys,

It’s us again. After a huge update in v2.5 (with a lot of bugs and bug fixes), here comes an even bigger update.

Wow guys, this is just fantastic.
It is actually never done before on an Apple Watch app in the finance category!

We are pleased (and relieved) to introduce a brand new feature: Transaction by Voice. Just say “Add $10.3 to Drinks” and MoneyCoach will handle everything magically. The best of it is that it detects your new categories, so it’s personalised to you. And don’t worry about privacy, because everything is handled on your Apple Watch.

Another great feature requested by our users: 3D Touch is here.
Now you can view a lot of details about each transaction. Also we integrated 3D Touch in a lot of other places. Just test it out.

Card View, the best and fastest way to view all your most important transaction details.

And finally, you can reorder categories and accounts.

We improved our “Monthly Living Expenses” report, so you can get a better feeling on what costs you have every month.

We did a lot of refinements and UI improvements.


MoneyCoach is on a mission to bring to its users the financial freedom they want and deserve.

If you have more ideas, just please write us at:

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