The support we’ve received this last week has been mindblowing. But we did not slack, we went on and fixed a lot of things.

Here’s the rundown of what was fixed:
– Missing icons on the advanced widget
– Missing icons on the Apple Watch app
– Fixed a bug when saving subcategories
– Fixed a bug when creating a new category
– Fixed a bug when creating a new subcategory
– Fixed a bug when importing a CSV
– Other fixes and improvements

Now some users had a problem with one of our screenshots and well, they kinda missed the whole point of that. See, we love video games and we decided to have an easter egg inside of MoneyCoach. If you went ahead and added a transaction with that value in the same subcategory you see in the video, you would unlock all of the Premium features for free.

Now we have disabled and removed it permanently from the app. We might do something similar in the future, of course, this time without offending anyone, so stay tuned over on Twitter for hints.

Have a nice day 🙂

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